Get to know Papaya, The Natural Skin Bleach

Some skin care products such as face creams and body creams, using papaya as one of the ingredients. Papaya is thought to be good for natural skin whitening because it contains nutrients in it. Papaya contains vitamin C and vitamin A which are good for the skin. The higher vitamin C content compared to oranges makes papaya estimated to be a natural skin whitener. Vitamin C contained in a medium-sized papaya weighing 150 grams is as much as 88.3 milligrams or equivalent to 157% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, while oranges only contain about 69.7 milligrams. In fact, one large papaya fruit can contain 235 mg of vitamin C, more than the amount you need in a day. Vitamin C which is considered natural skin whitening can help in the process of depigmentation or removing skin pigmentation. This is because vitamin C can reduce the formation of melanin. But because vitamin C is classified as an unstable compound, this vitamin is often combined with other depigmentation agents
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